[YIHUI] Company activity: birthday month



   Today is the birthday of our colleague Emma. Happy birthday to Emma! Because of the epidemic, we can’t go out for dinner, but our company pays great

attention to the birthdays of employees. Every year, we give each employee a birthday. This is our company culture. We bought cakes and celebrated in the

company. We also believe that we  will soon win and come on!

   Dongguan Yihui Factory is a mature company with good employee benefits. Our employees regard the company as their own home, and we all have a sense of

professional belonging. Our company has been producing hydraulic presses for many years. The hydraulic presses we have produced are: cold forging press. hot

forging press. c frame hydraulic press. deep drawing press. four column hydraulic press . power compacting machine, in this industry we already have mature

technology and perfect after-sales service system. We will do our best in our work.

 If you are in the market for hydraulic press,do not hesitate to contact us,  Your feedback is the greatest support to us.


Post time: Feb-28-2020