YIHUI cold forging press shipping to USA

YIHUI cold forging press shipping to USA

      After 40 working days manufacturing, we assembled and tested cold forging press,the machine was be packaged and delivered to USA client


     Our cold forging press capacity range from 5 to 2000 ton,working table,stroke,open height and structure are customized according to

clients’ requirements.Our Cold Forging Press applies to a variety of cold forgings and sheet metal parts,mainly applicable to metal materials of

cold extrusion, forming, shallow, drawing and blanking purposes Such as: automobile gears, car universal joints, motorcycle spare parts, cell

phone casing, LED radiator, aluminum heat sink, watchband, watchcase and hardware tools etc.Stamping, forming, shallow, drawing and

pressing assembly etc. Especially suitable for the precision molding parts.

   In the past two years, our cold forging machines have been the most popular. Many customers of cold forging machines have returned their

orders. Customers of cold forging machines do not know to buy machines, and they also customize molds with us.


Post time: Sep-01-2020