The hydraulic press has been transformed and put into operation to produce a significant increase in production efficiency

A few days ago, after the technical transformation in April, the large hydraulic press of Chongqing Changzheng Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. was successfully put into use.

With the huge clamp of the manipulator grabbing 790 kg of steel ingots from the heating furnace, the first product trial production began, the upper anvil began to fall, contacting the workpiece, pressing down…under the skilled operation of the workers, After fifteen minutes of pressing, production was successfully completed. So far, the first batch of products after the transformation of Chongqing Long March large hydraulic press has completed the production task.

It is reported that large hydraulic presses are key equipment produced by Chongqing Long March Forging, and many important products need to be completed with this equipment. After this transformation, process control, quality assurance capabilities and production efficiency have been significantly improved, creating conditions for large-scale products such as 3MW wind power spindles with forging materials weighing more than 40 tons in the next step.

Post time: Jan-11-2021