500 ton cold forging hydraulic press ready to go to Russia

   cold forging hydraulic press

      500 ton cold forging hydraulic press ready to go to Russia . This customer’s product is heat sink, and our experience in this area is very rich and mature. After

40 days, we can complete the delivery.

500 ton cold forging hydraulic press


    About the cold forging press, with servo system, is widely use for auto parts like gear and universal joint forging.stamping forging for LED

heat sink and hardware tools.Shallow stretching and molding for metal and nonmetal parts 

Our hydraulic press machine uses the latest servo motor and it will slow down when the sliding block moves close to the bottom dead center. It helps to

enhancthe forming accuracy. The contact speed of the mold is slow so its service life is extended, and its impact and noise reduces sharply when contacting

relatively. Therefore, this cold forging press machine is especially suitable to cold forging, thick plate feeding and forming.

     Our Hydraulic Press applies to a variety of cold forgings and sheet metal parts.We design and manufacture hydraulic press machine as required by our clients

and we incorporate machinery manufacture with mold design.

     If you have hydraulic press requirements, or technical problems with hydraulic presses, please contact WhatsApp+8613925853679

Post time: May-10-2021