【YIHUI】YIHUI cold forging hydraulic press machine

cold forging hydraulic press machine 

      YIHUI 300 ton cold forging press with servo system and robot arm , The cold forging press for cold extrusion molding stamping forging for

auto parts LED heat sink and hardware tools etc .

     If your product is Shallow stretching and molding for metal and nonmetal parts YHA3 four column cold extrusion forging press machine,it’s

usually apply in field like auto parts,hardware,industrial parts ,metal and nonmetal shape forging.Except the machine,we also able to supply

the mold as well as full production line

     Welcome to buy our cold forging press , we have all kinds of tonnage, not only can provide the machine, but also can provide the mold, solve

the problem for you at one time!If you have price or technical issues, please add my WhatsApp: +86139 2585 3679 .


Post time: Jul-20-2020