【YIHUI】Wuhan, long time no see!


      As cars queued up at expressway toll gates and passengers prepared to board trains to leave Wuhan, the megacity in central China started lifting outbound

travel restrictions from Wednesday after almost 11 weeks of lockdown to stem the spread of COVID-19.

   At Wuchang Railway Station, more than 400 passengers jumped on the train K81 early Wednesday, which is heading for Guangzhou, capital of south China’s

Guangdong province.The railway authorities required passengers to scan health codes and have temperatures checked when entering the stations and wear masks

reduce the risks of infection.

    More than 55,000 passengers are expected to leave Wuhan by train on Wednesday, and about 40 percent of them are going to the Pearl River Delta Region. A

total of 276 passenger trains will leave Wuhan for Shanghai, Shenzhen and other cities. After 76 days, Wuhan was unblocked. This is an important milestone and

exciting!  However, we cannot relax. “Unblocking” is not “unblocking”, zero growth is not zero risk, let us look forward to the final victory together!

Post time: Apr-08-2020