【YIHUI】What Yihui Hydraulic Press could do?


Until today many customers still have the question that what kinds of products can be made by Yihui hydraulic press. They usually

thought hydraulic press just able to produce industrial parts such as car oil filter, auto motorcycle cover plate, kitchenware, tank ,pot

,slot,hardware tools…

       Yes,all was mentioned are available to our press ,but we are more than just supplier of the above ,since the function of our press consist

of cutting, hole punching,stamping ,shaping,bending forming … our press could also produce barbecue grill,LED radiator,watch

parts,knife,speaker metal inner or outer cover ,manhole cover,safety helmet,copper bottle,bolt slot ,some powder compacting products .
        If you are in need of hydraulic press for your products,please do not hesitate to contact,once we get more information from

you ,we will try our best to provide a suitable solution for you.

Post time: May-11-2020