【YIHUI】Vietnam customers purchased C frame hydraulic press again

        A year ago, a Vietnam customer purchased the C type hydraulic press from our company. Today he contacted with us and gave a new

order to us. Purchase three C type hydraulic presses .He was satisfied with our hydraulic press and hope that we will always provide C-type

hydraulic press to their company.  We are very happy, Customer support and trust is our development of a strong driving force!


     YHC1 Servo C Frame Hydraulic Press for hot sale!  YHC1 Servo C Frame Hydraulic Press Machine is suitable for punching forming,

riveting, half and full cutting of thin sheet, point press forming for locknut, etc.  It is widely used to shaping and punching for metal and

nonmetal. And we can customize the machine according to your requirement. If you need to buy a hydraulic press, please contact me as soon

as possible. Yihui is your best choice.

Post time: Apr-27-2020