【YIHUI】Super September


Super September

      Every year our company does a promotional activity-Super September. One is the hope of adding more new customers, and the other is to give back to old customers.

      Yihui has more than 20 years of experience in hydraulic presses, and it is guaranteed in terms of technology and quality. Yihui’s hydraulic

press has four- column and slider, with and without servo, standard machines, or non-standard customized machines according to your needs.

    we have  C frame Hydraulic press, cold forging Hydraulic press, hot forging Hydraulic press, single action Hydraulic Press ,Powder

compacting hydraulic  press,Heat hydraulic press,Fine Blanking hydraulic press,ect.

     If you have a demand for a hydraulic press, please contact me as soon as possible! There are big discounts for buying machines in August and September.

Post time: Aug-26-2020