【YIHUI】Servo press structure and operation process

Servo press structure and operation process

servo press Main structure: It adopts a table-top structure, which is simple and reliable, has strong bearing capacity and small bearing

deformation,and is a stable bearing structure with a wide application range.

Servo press system composition:

The main system composition of the equipment: Servo pressing unit, control system, display, etc.

The principle of servo pressing: the servo motor drives the precision ball screw through the timing belt to realize the precise position control

of the pressure spindle; the front end of the pressure spindle is equipped with a highly sensitive pressure sensor, which can detect the load of

the pressure spindle in real time; the control system collects the position and load in real time Data, so as to realize the online quality

management technology of precision pressing.

The main components of the servo press unit:

Drive device—Servo drive

Transmission device—synchronous wheel structure, precision ball screw (grinding level)

Pressure output—pressure spindle (hard chrome plating)

Bearing set—ball bearings, self-lubricating bearings, etc.

Pressure sensor — external type, beautiful structure, no interference from wires

Chassis—Sheet metal spray paint (computer white)

Control system—closed loop control

Servo press operation process:

1) After checking that the equipment is normal, turn on the power and the equipment enters the initial reset state. After the reset is

completed, the equipment enters the standby state, and the three-color status indicator is green;

2) Put the workpiece to be pressed on the worktable.

3) Select the mold number to be pressed in the operating interface of the man-machine display screen; switch to the “automatic/single cycle”

mode on the selection button, and then press the start button on the button box with both hands at the same time, and the equipment starts

to run; the three-color light is Yellow running indicator.

4) The pressure spindle starts to move at the set speed: fast down-detection-press-fitting-buffer-holding-return.

5) After the press is completed, the three-color status indicator light of the equipment turns green;

6) After the selection button is switched to “Manual” mode, that is, after the two hands trigger the start, the servo pressure spindle will go

down and stop when it is released. This action is mainly used for equipment debugging and initial alignment of the workpiece.

7) The state when the emergency stop button is pressed:

The three-color light is red; the buzzer continues to emit short beeps; the pressure spindle stops at the current position; press the “reset”

button, and the pressure spindle returns to the working origin and stands by until the device is pressed again to start.

The servo press adopts AC servo motor drive device to provide a clean working environment. Compared with the pneumatic and hydraulic

equipment, the servo press can save energy by about 80%. It can meet the special requirements of different clean workshops. It has

environmental protection, energy saving, safety and high operating cost. Low-level characteristics.https://youtu.be/Eip0-E3uGwI

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