【YIHUI】Order from North Carolina


       Good news ! Last week our company received a deposit from a US customer, a 50 ton powder compacting hydraulic press from North

Carolina, we are very happy, not only because we received an order but also because In such a severe global epidemic, American customers

also bought our hydraulic presses. From the customers, they knew that their factories are now closed and they are now working at home.

The  reason they are placing orders now is because they believe in the quality of our machines. In addition, the order is placed now, the

machine can be produced in a month, and the shipping is about a month. We believe that the epidemic will pass in two months. When the

time comes, the customer can immediately enter production and resume production as soon as possible. This customer is still very Sensible.
        I hope that foreign friends in the United States and other countries can fight the epidemic together and win the final victory. I hope that

the people of the world can resume their normal and beautiful life, normal life, normal work, dear friends. If you need  Hydraulic press ,

YIHUI is your best choice.


Post time: Apr-22-2020