【YIHUI】Die casting trimming press

【YIHUI】Die casting trimming press


    Die casting trimming press is one of our most maturely developed machines and is the best selling one in domestic. More than 200 sets

were manufactured each year. It is widely applied to edge trimming for different kinds of alloy die casting parts. For example, aluminum

alloy die cast parts, magnesium alloy die cast parts, zinc alloy die cast parts, and al-mg alloy die cast parts, etc.

      For edge trimming, the most common force ranges from 10 ton to 100 ton. And custom-made is available for the daylight, stroke and

worktable size. Except for die cast parts trimming, this single action four post hydraulic press can also be used for other metal and non-

metal  processing like shallow press forming, plastic sheet thermoforming, powder compacting, etc. And force is available from 10 ton to

1500 ton.
      As experienced manufacturer, we could supply not only the press, but also the molds and technical support for the whole production line.

Recently we are supplying our customer with the trimming press machine and the robot to put the part and take it. It’s promised that YIHUI

could supply you with the most suitable press with enough details provided.

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Post time: Nov-11-2020