【YIHUI】Customized Servo Hydraulic Hot Press

Customized Servo Hydraulic Hot Press


      YIHUI is now customizing a set of 100 ton servo drive hydraulic hot press for Oman customer. This machine will be applied to

thermoform fiber reinforced thermoplastic sheets in product using compression molding.

      For over 20 years’experience, YIHUI has been specialized in designing and manufacturing different kinds of hydraulic presses.

Now we focus on several main featured machines like Double Action Deep Drawing Hydraulic Press, Cold Forging Hydraulic Press, C Type

Hydraulic Punch Press and Four Column Single Action Hydraulic Press, etc. With years of experience as hydraulic press manufacturer, we

are able to custom-made accordingly. This is one of our biggest advantages which are singling us out among our peers. 

Post time: Jun-15-2020