【YIHUI】Cold Forging and Hot Forging

      Forging is a manufacturing process, which shapes a workpiece by applying compressive forces on it. According to the temperature at

which is performed, forging is classified in “hot”, “warm” and “cold”. The most common configurations use hammers or presses to squeeze

and deform the material into high strength parts.

      The main difference between hot and cold forging may be summarized as follows: The cold forging manufacturing process increases the

strength of a metal through strain hardening at a room temperature. On the contrary the hot forging manufacturing process keeps materials

from strain hardening at high temperature, which results in optimum yield strength, low hardness and high ductility.

       YIHUI provides cold hydraulic forging press  and hot hydraulic forging press, both performed in excellent conditions with state-of-the-art

machinery for perfect results. We work close with our customers to understand their specific needs and find the best possible solution.

Post time: Jul-28-2020